​​​Marlwood Grass and Snow

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Marlwood Snow - Terms of Service:

The primary goal of our service is to remove most of your snow

to ensure that you have access to get into and out of your home.


                Service Agreement 

(Important. Please read carefully)

Please read this agreement carefully as it explains the service we will provide, and hopefully avoid misunderstandings later. If, after reading this service agreement, you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. It will be assumed that you understand and agree to the extent and limitations of our service if you do not contact us within 7 days of our agreement date. If you have any questions, please call David at 705-305-4000.

Directions on how to make cheques payable will be clearly shown on your quotation. Once deposited, returned cheque (for ANY reason) will be charged an additional $20.

For Snow removal: We will remove snow between November 15th and March 31st for seasonal snowfalls in excess of 2” since the driveway was previously cleared. Priority is given to customers who are in residence and in good financial standing. Being in “good financial standing” is in the sole discretion of Marlwood Grass and Snow. Please understand that we do NOT provide service on December 25th or before noon on January 01st.

IMPORTANT:  Total or partial payment for our services MUST be received by Marlwood Snow prior to December 1st

                       (may include post-dated cheques). Customers who have not made a payment by this date will be

                       denied service after December 1st, unless other arrangements have previously been made.

 Driveways, walkways and steps:  Our job is to remove the bulk of the snow from your driveway, and our snow blowers are adjusted to a minimum of approximately ¼” above the surface. A small amount of snow may be left in front of the garage doors. In general, following a snowfall, we will come to do your driveway when it is safe, after the town has cleared the roads. If we clear your driveway, and either the town’s snow-plow dumps more snow/ice across your driveway or the wind blows snow across your driveway, you can call us to come and clear it for you. If we are not told, we will not know that your driveway needs clearing. This may happen when the town sends out plows to “widen the road”, although no new snow may have fallen.

If you are going to be away from home, please have a neighbour act on your behalf. Also, please make sure that the delivery of newspapers has been stopped.

Walkways will be cleared with our snow blowers, and steps will be cleared with a shovel. If you have steps or a portion of your walkway which require manual shovel work, please provide an appropriate shovel as our staff may not have a shovel. At times, shovels may be lost, stolen or broken. Walkways and steps are a lower priority than clearing driveways, and may be done after all customers have had their driveways cleared. Please use the access through your garage until your walkway has been cleared.

In general: In the event of a HEAVY snowfall (snow storm), priority will be given to clearing driveways. Walkways and steps will be cleared at a later time, perhaps even the following day. We will not go close to vehicles or to other obstacles on or around the driveway. Snow will be blown to the side(s) of your driveway. Ice formed by freezing rain, snow which has been compacted, or melted and re-frozen, or “slush” created when snow or ice melts as a result of milder temperatures, may not be removed. Marlwood Grass and Snow will be held harmless in the event of any injuries sustained on your property.

We cannot be responsible for damage caused to property by items on your driveway or walkway (example stones) that may be thrown by the action of the snow blower, or to property at the side of the driveway or walkway where the snow is blown. When we get a heavy snowfall, it takes the crews significantly longer to clear driveways, so please be patient. As weather conditions can change very quickly, we cannot be liable for personal injury or property damage as a result of the presence of snow or ice anywhere on your property.

          Please use ice-melters on walkways, and portions of your driveway as appropriate.

Please do not put ice-melters on fresh snow. 

Our tractors may be equipped with tire chains and counter-weights. Our experience is that these chains will not damage the driveway surface, but may leave surface marks (scratches) in icy conditions or when removing wet heavy snow. For paved driveways, these marks tend to fade with the summer sun and heat. While these marks are less noticeable on cement driveways, they may tend to be more noticeable on interlock stone or coloured cement driveways, depending on original colour and sealant characteristics.

Please make all reasonable efforts to keep your driveway and walkway clear of such things as newspapers, electrical extension cords (perhaps for holiday decorations), pet leashes, tree branches, and other items which may damage the snow removal equipment, or become projectiles which
could hurt people or damage property. If you get a daily newspaper (ex. TORONTO STAR) please let us know. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Also, please clearly outline your driveway with reflectors to avoid damage to curbs and garden items. If you do not put reflectors along your driveway, we may do so. Protection of your property is your responsibility, as well as ours.

Liability & Cancellation Terms:  All efforts will be made by Marlwood Grass and Snow to respect your property, however, we have no responsibility for damage to your property which is within the normal expected “wear & tear” associated with the service being provided, the equipment being used, and the conditions under which the service is provided. Also, our total liability for property damage is limited to the seasonal charge for services ordered, even if this damage is caused by negligence. MG&S may take photographs to record the characteristics of your property.

Either party can cancel this agreement with written or verbal notice prior to December 15th of the current season. A charge of 6% of your total seasonal quote will be billed for each clearing done up to the date of the cancellation.

Total or partial payment for the quoted amount should be received by Marlwood Grass and Snow by December 15th (may include post-dated cheques). Customers who have not submitted a payment by this date may be denied service after December 15th.