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Info on Statements, methods of payments, Info on

recent customer records and terms of services:

Your monthly statement:
Your monthly statement, for the most part, provided details of the payments you made and the services we provided, over the previous calendar month. For some customers, on occasion, your billing cycle may be 2 months (not 1 month). If your balance owing over the month is less than $50.00, your statement may be deferred into the next billing period. (Note: some customers may have other arrangements).

It also provides you with information on how to make your payments. You can also give your payment to one of our staff when they are next at your home. Please put your address or customer code on the envelope, and seal it (no coins please). All over/under payments will be carried forward to the next billing cycle.

If you wish to pay by e-mail money transfers, please send payments to
             Name:  David Coxe    E-mail:  paymarlwood@gmail.com.   
No secret questions or passwords are required.

All service prices initially quoted (including grass cutting) may be reviewed and may change based on the actual property size and characteristics. Other factors such as (a) the way you want your lawn cut, (b) hills and culverts on your property, (c) amount of trimming required, (d) gate access for tractors, and other factors which affect the effort required, may cause the quoted prices to be changed.
Prices WILL NOT BE RAISED above the quoted prices without you being given prior notice.

Service Information:
1)   Marlwood Grass keeps a record of the services provided to you in the last calendar year, and we will anticipate providing those services to you again in the current season. If you wish to make changes, please advise us.
2)   A charge for leaf yard bags will be included in all services where leaf bags are used. Additional charges for transportation, handling, and actual dump fees will also apply if it becomes necessary for Marlwood Grass to take these bags to the recycle facility.
3)   If you make changes to your lot (fence, deck, sheds, etc.), your price for services may change.
4)   For customers with in-ground sprinklers, please ensure that all heads on the lawn area are at or below ground level. Tree roots or ground heaving after winter may result in raising the heads. Although we will be cautious, we cannot be responsible for damage caused to sprinkler heads, no matter how caused, even if it is as a result of our negligence.
5)   All service dates indicated on your statement are approximate. A service may sometimes be performed and not billed till a later billing period so that results can be observed prior to billing.
6)   Please be mindful of the fact that Marlwood Grass does not make the products used for fertilizing, weed, insect, grub or poison ivy control. We apply the products in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions, but cannot be held totally responsible for the effectiveness of these products. Under current Ontario laws, we can only hope to “control” or “manage” broadleaf weeds, clover, ground ivy, grubs, ants, etc.
7)   All Marlwood Grass services are performed at the request of the customer, and in a manner consistent with the customer performing these services themselves. The customer agrees to hold Marlwood Grass harmless from any and all insurance perspectives. In some cases, Marlwood Grass may try to address some damages that they may have caused. Such “repair” or “replacement” will be limited to a maximum of $200.00, no matter how caused.
8)   For customers who are more than 3 months behind on paying their lawn care bill, Marlwood Grass will provide numerous reminders via phone calls, email and/or text message in an effort to collect payment for services. Marlwood Grass may stop providing services to their lot and may add their information to our website (www.Marlwood4000.Com) to make the information readily accessible to them if they are unable to locate their last statement.