Welcome (updated Spring 2024)

Please accept our thanks for considering MARLWOOD GRASS to perform your lawn care services for you. And welcome back to returning customers, some of which have been with us for the past 20 years!​​

We recognize that the appearance of your property is of utmost importance, from curb appeal in the front to lifestyle appeal all around. We  offer  all  the  services  you  will  need  to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful.



New stuff for 2024 and important reminders:
CHANGE   Last year, we relied on our friends and partners at TRUGREEN to assist us with many lawn care services. This year we are back to doing most of the services ourself as labour availability in Wasaga Beach has improved, so it may be our own truck and staff or it may be the TRUGREEN crew doing the work. As a result of this change, there are some price adjustments as we use different suppliers.
NEW   We have added the option to order a third “Broadleaf Weed” application this year (Summer, in addition to Spring and Fall). Also, we have added the concept of COMBO services. A COMBO service is where we will “group” two of the services together. For this year we will offer 4 COMBO programs:
                “WEED & FEED”  Spring
                “WEED & FEED”  Summer
                 “WEED & FEED”  Fall
                 “PLUG & PLANT”
The “WEED & FEED” program is a combination of the Broadleaf Weed and the Fertilization programs. The “PLUG & PLANT” program is a combination of the Aeration and the Over-seed programs. Aeration and Over-seeding will be done in September, subject to weather conditions.
The COMBO programs pricing will be effective once the 2 services in the program have been ordered and performed. The 2 services may or may not be done on the same day. This saving will be 20% of the combined price of the 2 services or $30, whichever is greater, and will be reflected on your monthly statement as an “adjustment” to the charged price.
3)   FOR NEW CUSTOMERS   Prices provided on the SERVICE ORDER FORM may be based on general information of lots in your area. Factors such as the actual lot size (in sq-ft), hills, culverts, trees, fence, gate access, patios, sheds, etc. (along with customer specific requests), may modify the final agreed prices.
4)   Some customers may want different services for the front part of their lot to those services they want for the back part of the lot. Maybe the back has more sand and the grass does not grow as well as the front, or there is more shade in the back and the grass grows faster. We can accommodate this, just let us know and we can arrange the services appropriately.
5)   Some customers request grass cutting every 2 weeks or every 3 weeks, instead of weekly. Some lawns in Wasaga Beach can, indeed, be left for 2 or 3 weeks between cuts (some up to 6 weeds), but others require cutting on a more frequent basis. If you have a decent lawn, the grass may be long and it will retain water (morning dew, sprinkler system or recent rain) and remain wet during the day. When this longer grass is cut, the mower deck and wheels will push the grass down rather than cutting it, and a lot of the grass will not get cut. On such occasions, your lawn will not look good, and will not look like it has been cut. If you see this happening, it is an indication that the lawn should be cut more frequently. Call us to change your service to more frequent cutting. If you call and ask that we come back and cut it again, this second cut will be billed.
FOR CLARIFICATION   For customers who use e-transfers to pay for services, please set up your e-transfers as follows:
David Coxe       E-mail: paymarlwood@gmail.com.
Please use this e-mail address, and put your customer code or service address in the message area of your e-transfer. A lot of customers do not put this information in the message area, and sometimes it is very difficult to know who sent the particular payment, and who’s account it should be credited to. Auto Deposit is set up on this e-mail address so you will not need a secret question or a password.
Please DO NOT send payments to any of our other e-mail addresses or to any of our phone numbers, and do not send correspondence e-mails to the paymarlwood e-mail address.
E-mail correspondence can be sent to marlwoodgrass@hotmail.com.
7)   Standard lawn cutting is either mulching or side discharge (not collection and bagging). When lawns are excessively wet, it can make a mess. Perhaps consider starting your sprinklers earlier in the morning and/or reducing the time on each zone. Hopefully, the lawn will dry by the time we arrive. Try to achieve a healthy lawn by monitoring your sprinkler system and not encourage excessive growth.
8)   In general, account statements will be sent out in the first 7 days of each calendar month,
but some exceptions may exist (e.g.: a low amount to be billed or delay in job confirmation sheets). Please send your payments in to arrive by the 25th of the current month, so we can have your account credited by month-end. If you cannot do this, please email, text or call to make other arrangements.

List of our Services
Grass cutting:
We offer:
(a)   A regular weekly grass cutting service from May through October, followed by bi-weekly service until mid-November, subject to seasonal weather conditions.
(b)   A regular bi-weekly grass cutting service from May till mid-November, subject to seasonal weather conditions.
(c)   A regular grass cutting service with 3 to 8 weeks between grass cuts. Due to the sandy soil in Wasaga Beach, some lawns have very thin grass that can be cut less frequently.
Our standard service provides for mulching or side discharge in accordance with the 1/3 rule of mowing lawns. trimming  as required, and front paved driveway and walkway blow-off.     - Please try to keep your lawn free of pet waste.  Thanks

Spring clean-up:
Collection of tree branches and leaves winter, prepare for city pick-up.
General Lawn Raking:
Raking of your lawn area in Spring.
Lawn De-thatching:
More aggressive lawn raking than the General Lawn Raking service.
Lawn fertilizing:
Feeding your lawn. A Spring, Summer and Fall application is offered.
Broadleaf Weed control (Targeted):
Up to 3 treatments for the control of broadleaf weeds.
Weed & Feed (combination service):
Weed & Feed is the combination of the Lawn Fertilizing and Broadleaf Weed Control programs, and provides significant savings.
Aeration (plug, not spike):
Aeration involves perforating the soil with small holes. To be honest, we don’t think this service has much benefit on its own in Wasaga Beach. But can be very beneficial when combined with the Over-seeding service.
This service provides grass seed spread over your lawn area.
Plug & Plant (combination service):
Plug & Plant is the combination of the Aeration and Lawn Over-seeding programs, and provides significant savings.
Grub and Garden insect control:
We use nematodes to treat Canadian varieties of in-ground lavae.
Poison Ivy control:
We will come and spray to kill Poison Ivy.
We will come edge the sides of your driveway and your flower beds.
Fall leaf collection:
The collection and bagging of Fall leaves and fallen tree branches.
Garden services:
Garden bed weeding, hedge and shrub trimming, tree removal.

Note: 10% discount for regular grass cutting customers.

Note: There is a yard waste bag charge added to all jobs where yard waste bags are used. We do not use customer provided lawn waste bags.

We look forward to working for you.

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