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Please  accept  our  thanks  for  expressing  an  interest  in  obtaining  information  on  the  services we  offer  for  your  lawn.

We recognize that the appearance of your property is of utmost importance, from curb appeal in the front to lifestyle appeal all around. We  offer  all  the  services  you  will  need  to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful.


Below is a list, with a description, of the lawn and property services we currently offer. If you click on the red "more info" button, it will take you to a more detailed description for the services under that heading.

 NEW / DIFFERENT for 2018

Please accept our thanks for considering MARLWOOD GRASS to perform lawn care services for you in 2018.
We invite you to visit the various areas of this website for the latest up-to-date information about the services we offer.
This year, changes to Ontario’s laws on minimum wages come into effect. For 2018, there is an increase of 20%, and for 2019 there is an increase of 30% compared to 2017.
This is huge!

As these wage increases take effect across Ontario, prices of all products and services will be affected as the cost of living rises. As a result there will be general price increases for our services in both 2018 and 2019, over our 2017 prices.
Changes to services:
Grass cutting: We will inspect your lawn on a weekly (or bi-weekly) basis and cut/trim as required.

(details are on this website, and will also be provided to customers in writing upon request).

Weed spraying: We will spray the weeds upon request and the customer will have the responsibility of determining the effectiveness of the service, rather than having Marlwood Grass determine how well we did our job.    Smart! 

(details are on this website, and will also be provided to customers in writing).
What we say, and what we write, is what we do. If you want some things done differently, please tell us in advance.
Grass cutting:

Our grass cutting program provides for mulching in accordance with the 1/3 rule of mowing lawns. We offer both weekly and our bi-weekly lawn cutting service where we mulch your lawn cuttings (rather than collection or side discharge cutting) as that method of lawn cutting is deemed more beneficial for your lawn. In general, we cut your lawn when the grass is 41/2 inches long, and cut it back to 3 inches.

In situations where the amount of grass clippings that may be left on your lawn as a result of a mulch cut would be harmful to your lawn, the clippings will be collected and bagged. Grass cutting with collection of the grass clippings at each cut is also available. In either case, the price per cut will be adjusted based on the number of bags collected.

Special grass cutting: Provides for grass cutting in circumstances where regular grass cutting does not meet the customer's requirements or other circumstances exist.

Mowing a new lawn: Provides special care for a new lawn, whether it is new seed or sod. 

Property maintenance:
Spring clean-up: Collection of seasonal debris such as fallen tree branches, leaves, etc. left around your yard and in flower beds after winter, and make them ready for city pick-up. Note that a fall clean-up does not cover multi-year debris piles or lawn clipping dump areas. Such areas will only be basically tidied up.

Lawn Scaring (and Aeration): Lawn Scaring (done with a scarifier) is a process where “knives” cut “slits” in the turf and earth (about ½” deep) to provide a similar effect to aeration. Although scaring may not relieve soil compaction as well as core aeration would, it does also remove undesirable thatch layers, encourages deep root growth and ensures optimal seed to soil contact for seed establishment. So there are certainly many similarities.
In Wasaga Beach, our soil is very sandy so we do not suffer from soil compaction. So for this we do not see a benefit for aeration. In addition, we think it is more beneficial to have continuous slits in the ground that are ½” deep, than holes that are 2” deep and 6 - 8” apart.
Based on these differences, we recommend scaring over aeration.
Lawn scaring will be much more efficient if your grass is not too long. The closer we start to the actual ground, the better. If your lawn’s grass is more than 3” long, our operator may deem a lawn cut first is required. He will do this basic cut, and a modest charge may be applied.

Lawn de-thatching: De-thatching is the aggressive raking of your lawn in spring to remove the thatch that accumulates over time. Raking your lawn by hand is a labour-intensive and back-breaking job, so call us.

Lawn over-seed: This service provides grass seed spread over your lawn area.

Fall leaf collection: The collection and bagging of leaves from your lawn area and flower beds, and make them ready for city pick-up.

Lawn treatments:
Lawn scaring (and aeration): While most people are familiar with lawn aeration, few know about lawn scaring. Lawn Scaring is a process where a scarifier uses knives to cut continuous grooves (or slits) in the lawn. Farmers have used this process in their fields for many years, but it is only recently that it is being offered for residential lots. These grooves are about 1/2" deep, and about 1 1/2" apart. These grooves allow water, air, and fertilizer to get through the turf, and closer to the grass roots.  By comparison, Lawn Aeration is a process that perforates the soil with small holes, and has the effect of loosening the soil. This can be very beneficial in areas where water "pools" after a rainfall.

Although scaring and aeration have similarities, the soil on most lots in Wasaga Beach does not need loosening. The soil is very sandy, and pulling a 2" plug of soil up to the surface sometimes brings sand up with it. For lots with an inground sprinkler system, the 1/2" grooves are much less likely to damage the underground pipes.

For the reasons above, we recommend scaring over aeration for the sandy soil conditions throughout the Wasaga Beach area.

Lawn fertilizing: We provide 3 applications of our seasonally formulated, top quality product 
over the lawn growing season (typically April, July and October).

Lawn fungus control: Some lawns have areas of thin turf cover or dry (dead) grass. Quite often these areas of poor quality turf may be caused by a fungus in the ground. Common names for some of these lawn fungi are “fairy rings”, “brown patch” or “dollar spot”. These types of lawn fungi tend to get larger each year.  Call us for help.

Fall leaf mulch: This service uses mowers to mulch the leaves on your lawn, providing some 
additional benefits as a fertilizer as the leaves decompose over winter.

Weed control:
Weed control (Targeted): We provide up to 3 treatments (and extra touch-ups) for the control 
of broad-leaf weeds over the lawn growing season.

Clover, creeping charlie, chickweed control (Targeted): Clover, creeping charlie, chickweed and ground ivy along with other “ground cover” are no longer considered “weeds”, and are not controlled by products like “WEED-B-GON”.

Call us for help.

Poison Ivy control: Over the last years, poison ivy has become

​      more prevalent in Wasaga Beach than it has been in the past.

      This weed can seriously hurt people (particularly children) and


      Photo shows the poison ivy plant, and the resulting rash caused

      by contact. Just imagine if someone touched this plant and put

      their finger in their eye, or in an ear.

Insect control:
Grub control: In general, nematodes are applied twice a year to control grubs, but other approaches may be considered, based on the circumstances. Contact us for help.

Garden insect control: Do you have trees or shrubs that show stress from insects eating the leaves?

      Do you have insects killing your rose plants or fruit trees?  Call us for help. 

We  look  forward  to  working  for  you.

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